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Ex NBA Star Kevin Garnett’s Wife Files For Divorce Ending 14 Year Marriage, Wants Spousal Support & Custody of Kids

After 14 years of marriage, Kevin Garnett and his wife Brandi Padilla are going their separate ways.

Kevin and Brandi tied the knot in July 2004 after several years of dating. On Thursday, Brandi filed for divorce in Los Angeles, citing irreconcilable differences. The two haven’t been spotted at public events together since 2014.

The couple shares two daughters age 5 and 10. Brandi’s requesting that the courts grant her physical custody of the children with Kevin getting visitation rights. She also requests that Kevin pays spousal support.

Kevin Garnett retired from the NBA in 2016 after playing for 21 years.
Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Joie Chavis Is Pregnant In Heels Slaying #InMyFeelings Challenge

Joie Chavis is dancing the negativity away! Before she was the baby mama of rapper/actor Shad “Bow Wow” Moss, and alleged girlfriend and future baby mama of rapper Future – Joie, 29, was a trained, professional dancer.

She showcased her talent with an Instagram video, shaking her haters off to the popular #InMyFeelingsChallenge. Her caption reads:

"@joiechavis ? KE KEEE … You know i had to hit it one time. Haa Feels so good to have some energy back and do what makes me feel so good. ?????? #inmyfeelingschallenge #theshiggyshow ??: @queensnlettosofficial @thealiyajanell ?: @tmillytv"

The more important question is, “Joie, do you love Future…and his other children?” Just last week Joie had to dispel rumors about an Instagram user attempting to plant stories to blogs to “demean her character.” The anonymous person alleges that Joie dismisses Future’s other children and possible girlfriends. Joie explained:

"I was gonna just let this pass but, enough is enough! It’s so sad that someone so sick and pathetic made those fake DM’s and sent them in to try to destroy and demean my character. When I initially responded to that fake ass post they deleted my comments immediately. That post is nasty and anyone who knows me very well knows I would never do no goofy shit like that. I don’t even speak that way nor am I that type of girl!"
Tinashe Denies Stalking Ex Boyfriend Ben Simmons

Tinashe is standing up to rumors and claims plagued by her ex, Ben Simmons. The NBA star has reportedly alleged Tinashe for being a stalker and a liar.

Last week, Ben allegedly accused his ex of popping up at a number of the same clubs in LA that he was at with rumored girlfriend Kendall Jenner. It was also reported that the Philadelphia 76ers star was so concerned he was hiring extra security.

The R&B singer shared a message to her social media pages about the recent chatter surrounding her name. The message began,

"Look, I usually never comment on things that are completely untrue and ridiculous."

She continued by clarifying the recent rumors about her suspected behavior.

"The fact is, I was in love, and I got hurt. I know I’m not the first nor will I be the last person to be in this situation. The details of what happened since are complicated to say the least, but I’ve never lied. And of course I’m not a stalker lol."

She concludes the message with some positive reinforcement, hoping people will pursue better things with their time.