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The New Bugatti Divo Debuts at Monterey Car Week

On February 29, 2016, a seismic shift in the automotive landscape was felt around the world, and its epicenter was in Molsheim, France. It was then and there that Bugatti announced its Chiron, the fastest, most powerful production vehicle in history—and dealt a decimating blow to the industry’s status quo.

Now the marque is warning of another major quake to the supercar market. On August 24, at the Quail, a Motorsport Gathering in Carmel, Calif., the Bugatti Divo will debut.

Until then, much of the specifics about the model remain a mystery. What we do know: It will offer a new design aesthetic as well as improvements in aerodynamics, weight reduction, and responsiveness. Even more notable is that only 40 examples of the supercar will be made, and each will carry a net price of roughly $5.8 million.

Few other details have been released on Bugatti’s new beast, save for the source of its name. Following the precedent of its predecessor, which referenced racer Louis Chiron, the new model’s moniker pays tribute to French driver Albert Divo. It was Divo who triumphed at the 1923 Spanish Grand Prix, the 1925 French Grand Prix, and the Targa Florio in 1928 and 1929.
Noor Fares’ Jewelry Captures the Cosmos

“I’ve always felt that stones and crystals looked magical, like they had special powers,” says London-based Noor Fares. The Paris-born Lebanese jewelry designer, who is known for her colorful and often symbolic creations, expresses that affinity in her recent Superlunary collection. For this unusual synthesis of technology and gems, Fares—who studied art history at Tufts University and honed her design skills in London at Central St Martins—scaled down 3-D renderings of sculptures by her childhood friend, glass sculptor Flavie Audi, which her team of gem carvers then re-created from lab-grown opals, resin, or natural rock crystals. The result is lunar-like forms accented with sparkling stones.

“It was a challenge to work with organic forms, rather than strict lines and geometry, and to create organic fluidity in a stone,” says Fares, who chose to experiment with synthetic stones as a means of artistic expression.

The 13-piece collection includes vibrant amethyst Cloud drop earrings, a soft blue Gilson opal cocktail ring framed with purple amethysts, and luminous, puffy rock-crystal pendants rimmed with a mix of amethysts and white diamonds. “My work is very much about the energy and healing properties of crystals and gemstones,” says Fares. “Today, I feel like more and more women are drawn to jewelry that represents something. In the world in general, I find that there is a shift towards conscientiousness and respecting what comes from nature.
The New Interior Revealed

Frank Pontiero Cessna CJ2+ interior

The client’s directive was to create “a ‘smart’ interior, something that was fresh and had details that would reflect the client’s appreciation for design,” says Pontiero. The resulting cabin is light and bright, with cream-colored Townsend leather seating, Holly Hunt fabric side panels, Alicia Adams alpaca throws, and a leather headliner from aircraft interior materials brand Tapis. While the plane was stripped for the remodel, all of its avionics and electronics were updated.
Villa Chameleon Is Luxury Living In The Balinese Jungle

The architects at Word Of Mouth commit themselves to marrying society and space. Naturally, the folks created a building that blends in harmoniously with the landscape and topography of the site. Working on a concept of ‘landscaped architecture’, the result is a building that assimilates beautifully into the lush forests of Bali – the villa peeks out of the landscape at some parts, while disappearing into the the foliage at others. Due to the contour of the land, the building manages to adopt vantage points overseeing the river below and the forest across, offering “in-between spaces” – the juxtaposition of modern interior design and nature’s offerings – that guests may enjoy despite the steep pitch.

In true Balinese architecture, the villa features open-air pavilions that are multi-functional. Communal spaces are also kept open and welcome to the elements, while private areas offer the option to close up as preferred.